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Top 6 Plagiarism Checker Tools of 2024

According to several studies, plagiarism is one of the biggest sins in the writing community. It is a widespread problem that costs people money, their reputation and their careers. This detrimental effect is the result of subpar work that is not properly referenced.

We’ve put together a collection of plagiarism checker tools to help you check for plagiarism when you write because no one wants to see plagiarism in their work. Now, without further ado, let’s get down to the list of six tools.

Top 6 Plagiarism Checkers of 2024:

After a series of tests on different material types (blog, academic, etc.), we have identified the top six tools for plagiarism detection. Let’s move on to their clear assessment.

1) Chegg Writing Service:

The first on the list of Plagiarism Checker Tools is, Chegg Writing Service’s plagiarism detector. This plagiarism checker tool, however, is superior to the previous three in terms of handling academic content. This is due to the fact that its backend algorithms work similarly to Turnitin’s.

After uploading your content, this program will compare the uploaded data with billions of web pages. So, if the program detects any instances of plagiarism, it will identify those instances and make recommendations to eliminate the plagiarism from your writing.

Why Should You Prefer This Plagiarism Detection Tool?

If you have taken a text from more than one source, you will be able to see the specific percentage of plagiarism for each source.

Once you get the premium plan, the document length is not limited in this tool. Thus, this tool has no word count limits, just like Grammarly’s plagiarism analyzer.

Since Chegg is an authoring service, using this plagiarism detector will give you additional benefits. For example, you can get help from:

Use a readability tester to assess the reader-friendliness of your content.

Make sure your writing is free of typos and grammatical issues by using a professional grammar checker.

In addition to the standard methods of uploading text, Google Drive allows you to import a document file directly. So, if you use Google Docs to help you type your content, you won’t need to export your work.

This plagiarism detector will rate your document according to the uniqueness and quality of the content, as it is from a writing service. However, you should follow his advice if you want to increase the assigned score.

Few Downsides Of This Tool

2) Scribbr

“Scribbr Plagiarism Checker” is the fifth tool to detect plagiarism in text.

Scriber’s Plagiarism Checker is a plagiarism detector powered by Turniton. Therefore, Turnitin’s plagiarism detection technology is used to verify whether the uploaded text is plagiarized. Because of this, its results resemble Turnitin’s plagiarism detector.

But unlike Turnitin, which specializes in finding all types of plagiarism, Scribbr’s plagiarism detector focuses on finding heavily edited content. So, if you want to see examples of paraphrasing plagiarism in your writing, this tool is perfect for you.

Why Should You Prefer This Plagiarism Detection Tool?

Few Drawbacks With This Tool

3) Quetext:

The third freemium tool on our list is Quetext’s plagiarism checker. But sometimes, its plagiarism detection results are misleading compared to other freemium products. This is due to the fact that the program sometimes assigns multiple sentences to different sources.

It needs the help of deep search technology and light-speed recognition to quickly scan and match the uploaded content with its database. Its plagiarism detection mechanism is the fastest.

Why Should You Prefer This Plagiarism Detection Tool?

Few Drawbacks With This Tool


There’s a reason this tool is on our lists and many other people’s lists. Many professionals who work online choose it as their tool because of its beautiful user interface, efficient results and various other features.

As you can see from the image of the tool, even a user with no experience can benefit from it because of its incredibly user-friendly design.

The user is free to use this tool as many times as they want and it is completely free. It also has remarkable accuracy. It is capable of detecting many types of plagiarism, including text generated by AI systems and article spinners that use the GPT3 model.

What is the mechanism of operation of this device?

This tool is easy to use. After pressing a button, you can upload a document or copy and paste text to be checked on millions of websites, and the results will be displayed in seconds. Here are some simple steps you can take:

Why this particular tool?

5) Check-Plagiarism’s Plagiarism Checker is a freemium program. Thus, this program offers a free plagiarism check at 2000 words. But if you want to use this tool to increase the word count limit, you have to buy the premium plan.

This tool uses artificial intelligence algorithms to scan for plagiarism sentence by sentence. To detect plagiarism, it rapidly analyzes text indexed with billions of web resources. This application allows you to compare copied content with its original source if it detects plagiarism.

Why Should This Plagiarism Detection Tool Be Your First Choice?

Some limitations of this plagiarism detection software:

6) Grammarly:

The last on the list of Plagiarism Checker Tools is, Grammarly’s plagiarism checker is a premium feature. So, to use Grammarly’s plagiarism checker, you’ll need to upgrade to its premium plan if you currently use its free version for text proofreading.

Grammarly’s plagiarism detector was previously inadequate due to its small database. However, Grammarly’s plagiarism detection module has recently received many enhancements from its developers. As a result it is now included among plagiarism detectors.

To verify the originality of a text, this plagiarism detector’s database consults a number of books, journals, and other sources in addition to the ProQuest database. Additionally, it has a vast database containing more than 16 billion web pages. You can now rely on this tool’s outcomes.

Why Should This Plagiarism Detection Tool Be Your First Choice?

Few Drawbacks With This Tool

That’s it for the list of Plagiarism Checker Tools.



Overall, for freemium tools, the first two yield respectable results. However, since each paid plagiarism checker is better suited for a specific type of content, you should read the preceding discussion if you want to use one for your work.

However, rewriting your text is another way to get rid of plagiarism. There are six plagiarism checker tools to choose from, but don’t expect the same results every time. This is due to the fact that most plagiarism detectors have separate backend databases and algorithms. Reviewing the capabilities that each plagiarism detection application provides and how they affect your work and play.

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